Boudoir – Glamour Photography

Boudoir photography captures themes of love, romance, sensuality, flirtation, and a sense of empowerment. Historically, it has been an art form for over 100 years. Today, boudoir is often given as a personal gift to a loved one. Other reasons to have a session include capturing a benchmark birthday, weight-loss goal, or a major change in life such as pregnancy. It is a way to document your femininity and allow you to express your playful side.

Yeah, I'm not going to get naked.

Often there is the stigma that boudoir = nudity. Being naked is not synonymous with boudoir. At RK Creative Studio, I strive to capture the mystique of boudoir while maintaining my client’s dignity, privacy, and personal boundaries. I have decided that my studio does not take full nudity. Instead we do implied nudity (strategically placed sheets, blankets, or clothing to give the illusion of nudity). So don't let this stigma hold you back from booking.

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What should I expect from my shoot?

If you have decided that you would like to book a boudoir-glamour photography session, we would schedule a pre-shoot consultation. During the consultation we would discuss your goals for the shoot, determine your style, and schedule the big day. When you arrive at your shoot, we will go over posing and sets. Then you will meet with my hair and make up artist (if purchased) or stylist (complimentary) to help you get ready.

What other types of "glamour" photography do you take?

Still not sure that boudoir is for you? That's ok! I also offer glamour, pin up, and conceptual art. Dress up isn't only for little girls. Let's meet and discuss what your ideal shoot looks like.

Check out the collections below or send me an inquiry!


Collection One
45 Minute Session
1 Outfit Change
10 Digital Images
Post Processing
Right to Print Certificate
Collection Three
2 Hour Session
4 Outfit Changes
USB Drive with 30 Digital Images
$50 print credit
Post Processing
Right to Print Certificate
Collection Two
60 Minute Session
2 Outfit Changes
20 Digital Images
$25 print credit
Post Processing
Right to Print Certificate


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